What is your definition of Happiness? Please share your thoughts on happiness.

In general, when most of us are talk about happiness, we are mostly talking about how we feel in the present moment, or the general feeling of their overall life. But happiness is more than simply a positive mood. It is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, one with a sense of meaning and deep contentment.


Beautiful Jasmine Plant Budding

Jasmine pant is believed to have originated in Iran. The word Jasmine is derived from Arabic word “Yasmin” which literally means a fragrant flower. Over the years jasmine has crossed over to the neighboring countries like Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and all over the world.  

The Benefit of Crossing Cultures.

As people our culture influences the way in which we see the world around us. It could be challenging and also rewarding crossing cultures. Sometimes, the hardest things in a new culture are those that you didn’t expect. But having an open mind, helps you have the best experiences in a new culture.